Oliver Cain is an English born/New Zealand Artist. His work covers a broad range of topics as it changes and develops as well as a wide range of materials. His artworks, subverted linguistic paintings, ceramic sculptures and installations, bear a certain physicality and push the boundaries between conceptualism and post-pop art. The creative process behind Cain’s artworks is the most important thing and therefore his artworks can be made of anything and take any form. Appropriated everyday objects transform stereotypes and famous art historical references become twisted. As proud member of the queer community, Cain uses his work to examine, question and criticize the relationships between gender, (homo)sexuality and societies’ misconceptions about those themes. But, despite what it might look like to the contemporary spectator, a purely erotic and queer reading of the work would be misguided. There is an universal profundity at play revealing itself slowly for those willing to look and feel. 



Auckland Art Fair Virtual

The VivianMatakana

Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland Feb - Mar

Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards - TeKoputu Exhibition centre, Whakatane - 16th Feb – 12th Apr

Academy Galleries (WAA) - Queens Wharf, Wellington - 15th Feb – 22nd Mar

Föenander Galleries - small work salon (group show) - 8th - 24th feb

Millers O'Brien - Graduation Show - Wellington -  31st Jan - 15th Feb

Craigs Aspiring Art Show - Wanaka



Föenander Galleries - Group show - 'Ida Soleil' 

Wallace Gallery Morrinsville (WAA) 

The Dowse Art Musem ECC NZ Student Design/ Craft Awards

Par Homestead - Finalist for The Wallace Art Awards

nkb Gallery

Parnell Gallery

Black Door Gallery 

Webbs - Eden Arts 2019 

Lake House Arts - Ceramic Showcase 


The Dowse Art Musem ECC NZ Student Design/ Craft Awards

Sculpture Onshore 2018 - Auckland, NZ

Lake House Arts - Riley Consultants member exhibition

MADE - Mt Albert Art + design Exhibition  

Great Art Sale - Lake house Arts  

Par Homestead - Finalist for The Wallace Art Awards  

The James Wallace Arts Trust - Nine Works in Sir James Wallace's Art Collection.

No.1 Parnell - Rawene, NZ

VEFA - Exhibition of Fine Art

Royal Easter Show - ASB Show ground (Awarded a Merit)

Deport Artspace - Devonport, New Zealand 



Craigs Investment Partners Art 3D Award - 2020 Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards

Overall Supreme award - ECC 2019

Tuatara Ceramic Award - ECC 2019

Overall winner of the Eden Arts Award 2019

Touring finalist for The Wallace Art Awards 2019 

Highly Commended 2018 - ECC NZ Student Design/ Craft Awards

Finalist for The Wallace Art Awards 2018

Merit Award 2018 - Riley Consultant members competition

Merit Award 2018 - Royal Easter Show 



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