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CAIN Studios

CAIN Studio’s recognisable stylised artworks are the creations of artist Oliver Cain.

Typically using bold colours with stylised forms/letters/symbols and hieroglyphs, CAIN applies this visual language to any flat surface or object to give them a unique custom finish. 


Stemming from a love of 80’s pop art. Each artwork push’s the boundaries between conceptualism and post-pop art. Engaging with a variety of media and techniques, such as painting, ceramics, large scale installations and sculpture. CAIN’s signature abstract style of stylised forms all work together to complete a larger picture. 


Despite what it many look like at a glance, much of CAIN’s work touches on embracing joyous aspects of the human experience as well as subjects that examine, question and criticise the relationships between gender, sexuality, identity. The interpretation of each artwork changes upon every surface that it is applied to. Often the environment is reflected within the actual artwork itself, hidden words are intermingled within and creates a visual feast for the viewer. “The human brain is always looking to solve - your mind automatically wants to link together this visual language for it to make sense.” 

Personal interpretation is a key component to CAIN’s artworks “People often find words or phrases that were not intentionally put into the artwork” The audience sometimes seeing what they want to see.


CAIN loves to collaborate and combine his style with other products, creating visually striking one-off or limited runs of merchandise. Elevating an object or visual material to make it more interesting and to give it new life. 

Custom artworks is another way CAIN loves involving others within the creative process. Giving an individual the ability to choose what words or phrases are included within an artwork to make it that much more personal. 

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- Group Show - 'Art Exhibition' - Auckland NZ

MAGS Art Show – Auckland NZ

- Solo Show - ‘Just a Little Gay’ – Lake House Arts – Auckland NZ


- Art House Tour – Auckland Grammar - Auckland NZ

- Group Show ‘Dancing with Myself’ - Artful  – Waiheke, Auckland NZ

- MAGS Art Show – Auckland NZ

- Baradene Art Show – Auckland NZ

- Group Show ‘Untitled’  – Traffic Jam Gallery - Melbourne AU

- NZ Paint & Print Award – Hamilton NZ

- Rail Link sponsored art installation – Auckland NZ

- Solo Show ‘Let’s try Again’ - NorthArt – Auckland NZ

- Group show – Oddly Projects Opening Show – Auckland NZ

- The Aspiring Art Show – Wanaka NZ


- The Other Art Fair - Virtual Edition – Saatchi Art

- Art in the Park - Auckland NZ

- Group Show ‘Cloud 9’ - Grey – Auckland NZ

- Copelouzos Family Art Museum – ‘COV-ART Project’- Athens GR

- Ceramic show with Mandy Gargiulo - Gallery Thirty Three - Wanaka NZ

- Solo Show  ft.Billy Apple ‘It’s a boy’ - Foenander Galleries - Auckland NZ

- Solo Show - ‘In Plain Sight’ - Astor Bristed Gallery - Arrowtown NZ

- Craigs Aspiring Art Show - Wanaka NZ


- Group show - Limn Gallery - Auckland NZ

- Kings Collage Art Exhibition - Auckland NZ

- New Zealand Painting & Print Awards - Hamilton NZ

- Group Show 'Semicolon' – Föenander Galleries -  Auckland NZ

- Solo Show ‘Relatively Fruity’ - Föenander Galleries - Auckland NZ

- Parkin Prize – NZ Academy of Fine Arts - Wellington NZ

- Mairangi Arts Centre - Auckland NZ

- Group Show - small work salon - Föenander Galleries - Auckland NZ

- Craigs Aspiring Art Show - Wanaka NZ



- Föenander Galleries - Group show - 'Ida Soleil' - Auckland NZ


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