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Colourful, Bright, Lush and Juicy. In this series of work, Cain has turned an erogenous zone such as the nipples into pliable and universal material. Even more eye-catching is that every ceramic nipple is different in size and formal set-up: spray-painted in different flashy colors and framed in an old-school wooden frame. Although small in size, their intensely theatrical design remodels the complexities we face around certain parts of our body into a performative, even appreciative act. Intersubjectivity comes into play: the framed nipples are taken up, interpreted, compared or contrasted with viewers library of mental images of the self versus others. As subconscious voyeurisms of our own body we explore and perceive our uniqueness while celebrating the delicacy of differentiation.The framed nipple opens the door to a revived discussion on the convention of the beauty and sex(iness) and offers a new vision of the human body: imperfect, irregular, in constant evolution and dissolution but enchanting and remarkable.


Once hung each work casts a pink shadow on a white wall.

Ceramic nipples arranged differently and framed.

2019 - 2020

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