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Elements on which the work centres might initially cue amusement, but it resonates with the body in more subtle ways. An organic form that has a limited lifespan; subject to bruising and decay has been fortified and idealised, made clinically flawless after the fashion of countless depictions of the ‘nude’ within popular culture. Reflecting on the searching for love and sometimes settling for subpar love when tired or hungry, they do say never to go shopping when hungry. 

‘I saw you - poking among the meats in the refrigerator and eyeing the grocery boys.’

Allen Ginsberg, “A Supermarket in California” 

Shopping for Love

Metal Shopping Trolly filled with Ceramic Eggplants

75 x 33 x 52cm


Winner of the Craig’s Investment Partners Art 3D Award - 2022 Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards

“This work not only has a great title but introduces an interesting and sardonic analogy between ceramic egg plants and the depiction of the nude within popular culture. The juxtaposition of materials is alluring and clinical. The apparent randomness of packed egg plants within the stainless steel shopping cart imparts a sense of containment and contradiction between the real and the facsimile. There is in replication a sense of immortality. Recourse to Ginsberg’s line about “eyeing the grocery boys” grounds the work within the per view of beat culture and shopping cart art. None more poignant then Banksy’s aboriginal hunters stalking empty shopping trolleys.” - Bob Jahnke

Fruit Basket

Metal shopping basket filled with Ceramic Bananas

280 x 180 x 200 


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