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Custom CAIN

CAIN's recognisable style pushes the boundaries between conceptualism and post-pop art. 

The unique visual language is spontaneously created in the moment and all hand painted. The finished artworks are bold and stylized with abstract shapes, letters, symbols, and hieroglyphs that create a visual language with a sense of movement and energy. 


With CAIN's custom artwork, you have the opportunity to take part in the creative process and infuse the final artwork with personal touches. Collaborate with CAIN to incorporate family names, favourite words, places, phrases, memories or other meaningful elements that hold significance to you. The result - an artwork that not only embodies your story but also resonates with the fun energy and movement that defines CAIN's artistic works.


What would you put into your custom artwork? 


This unique piece of modern art allows you to create a visual memory of things that are important to you and others. These paintings make great family portraits where everyone feels included, also perfect to celebrate and remember special occasions like anniversaries, weddings and other milestone events. 

These unique artworks can then be displayed in your home, business or anywhere needing a piece of stylish modern art. Watch as those around you search for what they think they see within your artwork, trying to piece together and interpret what they see.


CAIN's paintings invite the viewer to enter into a conversation with the artwork and explore their own interpretations, challenging you for what you think you can see within it.


Collaborate now to get your unique artwork started today! 

Contact for size and price details


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