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Studies of Queer life. 


Works available for purchase.

This playful work draw attention to the many experiences that are encountered by homosexual males, as well as openly questioning social constructions of shame, anonymity and sexuality, but in a way that can be viewed as whimsical and lighthearted. Situated in what can sometimes be assumed to be a highly sexualised culture; a culture that can be seen as dangerous and unclean. Added to this that many of these encounters and  experiences happen within a public setting. A reflection of gay cruising culture and party culture weighted with broad assumptions put on the community by those from the outside.

This work is shown in a way that is almost cleansingly clinical compared to the idea of sex or public sexual experiences. Each revealing elements of personal experience yet also refusing to give details, holding onto the anonymity of each encounter. A lighthearted way to show a part of many homosexual’s sexual history that can be viewed as negative, problematic and confronting. Drawing on slightly different aspects of gay culture but ultimately interpreting common experiences into a playful representation, documenting aspects of queer life.

Communal Conversation (Overall winner - Eden Arts Awards 2019)

Blue 1710 x 510 x 380 & Pink 1710 x 540 x 360

Two white Ceramic Toilets lit with LEDs displayed on plinths.

Purchased by the Wallace Arts Trust


Colourfully communicative conversation between social encounters within a sexually fuelled setting of public sexual experiences. Reflection of gay cruising culture and party culture weighted with broad assumptions put on the community by those from the outside. Standing up and confronting at eye level, face-to-face, ear-to-ear, mouth-to-mouth. Emitting a steady sound that could be compared to that of a heart beat or the muffed sounds experienced in a club toilet.

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