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Banana Urinal Project

During a recent trip to England and the United States, Cain took the opportunity to visit some of the most well know art institutions in the world. Visiting and seeing some of the most famous artworks in our modern age. He was inspired by the many great artists exhibited throughout these art museums and galleries.

Cain planned a way in which he could leave his mark on each destination he visited. One of Cains most well know works ‘Fruit Bowl’ is a ceramic urinal filled to overflowing with ceramic bananas. He used this work as the base idea for the guerrilla type art project while on his travels. Cain used the bathrooms in some of the most well-known art institutions in the world as a temporary gallery to showcase his work. He visited the toilet, placed a ceramic banana in one of the urinals, took a photo and video, and then left it there. They were left to be found by visitors of the museum or cleaned away by the gallery staff.


London: National Gallery, Tate Modern & Tate Britain.

New York: The MET, Guggenheim & MOMA.

Los Angeles: Getty & Hammer Museum.

New Zealand: Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Museum, Te Uru Gallery, Waikato Museum,

The Dowse, Canterbury City Art Gallery


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Urinal Banana Project - Andrew Wood

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